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Natural Shield

Natural Shield

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Natural Shield is an exceptional waterproofing sealer that excels under the most demanding circumstances. Natural Shield’s low molecular weight allows for excellent penetration. Natural Shield fills into the pores of the substrate, in which chemical reaction follows, that creates a solid, but breathable membrane. Natural Shield provides long lasting protection for a vast array of surfaces in which it leaves a natural finish. It has durability and performance of a solvent-based system, but with the easy application and clean-up of water-based products. Natural Shield’s performance allows to be used in commercial areas to protect your surface and decrease maintenance efforts.


  • Excellent penetration

  • Can be applied on damp surfaces

  • Highly alkaline resistant

  • Effective against freeze-thaw damage

  • Unaffected by ultra-violet rays

  • Increase life of mortar, tiles, stucco, brick and natural stone


  • Existing
  • X-Bond System
  • Pre-Stain System
  • Stucco
  • Slump block
  • Block wall
  • Porous natural stone